Ca y est! This is it!

Marion sauteHere it is! I made it ! J’ai sauté le pas !

I know, two days ago, it was something I hesitated and I wondered about. I was still speaking about it in an hypothetical way. I don’t know which fly bit us tonight (French expression translated, no idea if it rings a bell to an English-speaker), well, I mean, I don’t know what took us tonight but I said to my boyfriend “Max, let’s do it, let’s create my blog right now” and he did. I could have done it myself but it was much more simple to watch him do it and keep nodding “yes, I know, this is what we did for the gite”. Yes, we created a website together last year for my parents’ guest house and it didn’t take us long. And this has also been a quick-made decision on an evening… til late at night.

So, as I said, I had the idea to have my blog for a while. I even create an account on tumblr but I wasn’t much fan of their presentation. I have this need for a while to write things down, to let them go. I got lots of resentment and needed something to channel it. Sport wasn’t doing the trick. Once, very angry, instead of yelling, I tried to write it down, as a draft email to nobody. Once it was written, I felt better, I felt okay again.

For the past year and a bit more, I read private blogs (as opposed to companies blogs). I love it. I love following the others’ lives as it was a show (I can be very fan on some TV shows). I know now their writing styles and I sometimes wanted to express myself the same way.

Well, sorry for copying. I am here now. Let’s see how long I am gonna last (usually, with sports, it’s a few weeks or a few months). But I feel that my life (and I, especially!!) never gonna perfect. So writing is gonna help along the way.

And if I can bring some reading pleasure moments to another girl like me far or close, like other blogs do to me. Then, it’s great I haven’t choose to write a diary!


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