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My name’s Marion. I think it’s a pretty common name and that my life isn’t an example of a life full of excitement but I like to think that everyone’s life is unique and we all have a little something to share (which may help someone!).

I live in Gatineau (Quebec, Canada) with my boyfriend and work in Ottawa, capital of Canada since March 2014. We used to live in Vienna, Austria together, before emigrating to Canada. Here is our whole immigration story to Canada!

I grew up on a farm, eating what my mother made grow in the garden and cooked in a very traditional French way with most of my family around, bicycling around my very small village in the north east of France, in the région called Champagne-Ardennes, in the département called Haute-Marne.

I love speaking foreign languages and discovering new cultures and ways of living. This is why I studied foreign languages (English and German) slanted business and why I live abroad now!

I decided to write in English even if I am French because I need to improve my writing skills in English.I hope you will excuse any of grammar mistakes or misuse of English words, as this is not my mother tongue.

What I would like to share here are my thoughts and activities as a French 25+ woman, living abroad with her boyfriend and trying to find her way through life! Sometimes it goes, sometimes it doesn’t, my up and downs, “mes coups de coeurs et mes coups de gueule” ! My life could be described like the weather often is in Canada “a mix of sun and clouds” !

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